Sometimes things aren’t as bad as they seem

I’m still struggling with the same pose I was struggling with last year when I was here in Mysore. It’s a lot easier this year than last, but I’m not *quite* able to get into it without a little assistance. This brings up lots of emotions: frustration, despair, anger, a bit of embarrassment that I *still* can’t do it. But damned if I don’t keep trying. This morning I thought to myself, “I’ll have it figured out before NEXT year.” Sometimes I surprise myself with how stubborn I am.

On the walk to lunch today (traditional thali served on a banana leaf), we walked down the crematorium road. This is the road where I saw the dog get hit by a car last year. Down by the houses across from the crematorium, a dog ran out of the gate to have a look at us. Behind him, another dog peeked out. He had a pronounced limp and a thick, malformed right front leg, which had obviously suffered a very bad break (& subsequent rough healing process). Yes, it is the dog who was hit. I was SO happy to see him. I thought surely he’d have died. I actually talked to the people who live in the house last year, armed with a slip of paper that showed me how to say “dog,” “leg,” and “broken” in Kannada. They hadn’t been able to understand me at all, so it wasn’t a fruitful conversation. I went there because the dog had run back in that direction after being hit. Apparently he was running home, because sure enough, there he was today. And he even has a collar now.