Anahata Vignettes

Yesterday I went to the phone stall to buy some international minutes for my phone. My wifi connection’s been a little sketchy and I had a couple of conference calls I needed to attend. The man at the phone stall put 90 minutes on my account (cost: $9).

This morning I went back and asked for 3 hours worth of minutes. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Many words.”


I saw my favorite dog yesterday and again this morning. He’s the fellow who walks along with me for a bit as I walk down the hill to the Shala. He’s getting a little gray, but he’s still very handsome. And this year he has a collar! I love that there’s someone feeding him and looking after him. He has good karma.


As I was walking back up the hill from the phone man, a rickshaw went by and a friend from the past couple of years stuck his head out of the back and waved at me with manic “I’m just arriving back in Mysore!” glee.


And roommates. Calley, Jade and Ryan.