Words of wisdom

Okay, so last Thursday Sharath asked me if I was “catching” in kapotasana (getting my heels), and when I said “no,” he told me to call him next time I was doing the posture.

Friday was led class, Saturday was our weekly day off, Sunday was the moon day, and Monday was led (because of the moon day). So today was the day for me to call him at kapotasana.

Sure, this has been on my mind for the past few days. And it was in the back of my mind (as far back as I could push it) all throughout practice this morning.

Finally, I was to kapotasana. I looked around and caught his eye, and he came over right away. Without a word, I curled back for the posture. He caught my right wrist in the air and put my hand on my heel, then popped my left hand on my other heel. And then he spoke:

“You can do yourself.”

And then he went to help someone else.

I wanted to laugh out loud. I suppose this is as brilliant a comment as you can possibly offer a home practitioner. I also recognize that he didn’t necessarily mean I can do it myself *this minute* or even this week, but he has seen that it is well within my reach and told me so. There is nothing more to be done — aside from me working it out.

The way he guided me into the posture had a little kinesthetic clue that seemed to intuitively recognize the way my particular shoulders work, so I’ll experiment with that a bit.

In the meantime, all I can imagine is a cross-stitched pillow for the yoga room, immortalizing the words I’ve come so far to hear: “You can do yourself.”


8 thoughts on “Words of wisdom

  1. It’s funny cause I’m reading a novel right now where one of the main characters has grandparents who’ve provided a barrage of inspirational quotes and sayings they call “encouragements”.

    Why NOT knit a pillow? Great idea!

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