Lizard, Catching, Infrastructure

There is a tiny lizard who seems to live behind the picture of a rhinoceros that’s hung over my refrigerator. He was very active last week, but seems to be a little sluggish this week. There really aren’t that many bugs around for him to eat, I’m afraid. I put a puddle of water on the floor, and a dead bug behind the picture for him — hopefully that’ll get him back on track.


Convo with Sharath after assisted backbends this morning:

“Kapotasana, you catching?”

“Close. But no.”

“Next time you call me.”

Um, okay. That should be scary and thrilling.


Sure, there are India blogs with beautiful pictures of exotic sights. Not this one, though! No, I am finding myself particularly fascinated by culverts, sidewalks, trash, and how and where animals find food. I’m uploading a bunch of photos to Flickr, and they’re all about culverts and destroyed sidewalks and trash waiting to be eaten by animals and ashes of trash that gets burned after the animals are done eating.

No one actually walks on the sidewalks around here. They walk on the side of the road. The sidewalks are riddled with holes and collapsed areas. I’m not actually sure that the sidewalks were ever intended for pedestrians, though. Mostly they are just slabs that cover the culverts that run along the street, and they have holes drilled in them to drain rainwater into the culverts. So maybe the “sidewalks” are really just covers on the drainage system, and not intended for foot traffic. Really, I have no idea. And for some reason, I find it endlessly fascinating to look at the holes in the ground. Also a little horrifying: I always worry about children falling in. I spend a good bit of my time trying to telepathically prevent dogs from crossing the busy streets and kids from falling into holes in the so-called sidewalk. India turns me into the weirdest kind of control freak.


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