Day off

No, not a day off from practice, but a day off from pretty much everything else.

This morning was practice as usual. I did all of my usual postures, including the tough one at the end, kapotasana.

I gave an all-out effort three times in a row, struggling to get my hands around my heels — and yes, I am getting closer, but still not quite there. So I challenged myself (did I mention I did it THREE times?) and then was going to start the closing backbends. But wait, just as I was ready to do that, my guardian angel assistant showed up.

“I’m a little late,” he said.

“I already did it three times,” I said, showing him three fingers.

“One more.”

Sigh. Okay. I’m here for the work. Good to get past self-limiting ideas, like that three serious attempts at an exhausting posture is enough for one day. 😉

We did the usual deal, where I struggle to straighten my arms on an inhale, then walk closer to my heels on an exhale, four rounds of inhale/exhale. Then a little surprise at the end: “One more.”

My lift at that point was quite pathetic, as was my internal monolog, “Arghhhhhhh….” He grabbed my hands and pulled my fingers *past* my heels (internal monolog, “WTF??”) and held them down.

“Breathe.” Then: “Look at your nose.”

Ah, the claustrophobic feeling of being folded backwards and your arms pulled off. How many repetitions will it take before I begin to love it? The funny thing is that I know I will; the postures I love most in practice are the ones that have been most difficult to achieve. I already know that kapotasana will be my ultimate favorite posture.

Some day.

In the meantime, I am taking a day off from pretty much everything except practice. I ate breakfast, then retreated to my room to read and sleep and look at pictures of Michelle Obama’s hair (love the bangs!) and tend my slightly-crispy-around-the-edges nervous system. All I have on the schedule is a smoothie later on this evening at Anu’s.

Then, refreshed, I can get back to my most satisfying posture bright and early tomorrow morning.


4 thoughts on “Day off

  1. 4 times? Get it. Nice.

    I love the “slightly-crispy-around-the-edges nervous system” expression. Just the right way to get across the ephemeral sensation in somewhat visceral terms. Looove it.

    Laaaaahve it.

    I failed to properly convey it earlier this week. “Teetering on the brink of a caffeine high’s crash” was the best I could do. For brevity, as you’ve heard me say, I stick with “I’m fried. ”

    Smoothies are a perfect 5 o’clock salve.

  2. Good for you! You’re getting the full treatment there 🙂

    I used to sometimes imagine that fried feeling as a double helix of energy shooting out of the crown of my head.

    Tomorrow I’m going to 1) try to get my increasingly lazy butt out of bed early 2) get to the gym and 3) do a half hour or so of asana after spin. Wish me luck! I need it. I need the Ghost of Guruji to pay me a visit…. something like that. He’d be like, “Oh no vinyasa for YOU, poor, bad, lazy Lady.”

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