Good advice, perfect timing

This morning I got help from the same assistant who helped me yesterday. He showed up as soon as I got to kapotasana — let me do two on my own, coached me through the torturous walk up the sides of my feet, then took my hands TIGHT onto my heels.

The words “I can’t do this every daaaaayyyy…” popped into my head as I was struggling to breathe, and just as the thought came into my mind, he said:

“Don’t think.”


One thought on “Good advice, perfect timing

  1. I realized it’s been so busy that I have not been on your blog for a while, and the month is barreling by! If time is going this quickly for me here, I wonder if it is even more so for you, since you have a date-stamped return ticket waiting.

    As for this post, very good timing indeed!

    Funny, I sort of had an opposing reaction this morning. Due to ladies holiday and the rest day, I did my first kapotasana today after a few days off. I sort of had this half-formed thought going into the first one of, “Oh man, I can’t *not* do this every day.” (The second felt only slightly more limber, and there was no third today.)


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