Halfway there

Latte at Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle airport. Arrived at 6 AM, Paris time (10 PM, Phoenix time). We board for Bangalore at 9:50. Then it’s 9.5 hours to Bangalore, and 4 more to get to Mysore. I left the house at 5:30 AM, so it’s been 18 hours so far. I am not tired at all. Perhaps something to do with the latte in the picture.

Charles de Gaulle airport is really beautiful. A *far* cry from JFK’s international terminal. It didn’t occur to me, until I was flying towards New York, that I’d dressed for Phoenix and India. Light cotton clothes, and a light shawl. I also am already doing “India color matching” — which means I can wear all kinds of colors at once, which I love, but which I refrain from doing around Dion and Anna because it hurts their sensibilities. Red cotton hammer pants with mirror spangles and a teal shawl. Go, me! Crossing the street between the domestic and international terminals in New York, I was both cold and probably pretty insane looking. I don’t care, though — I’m dressed for India!

I watched two movies already: Five Year Engagement (horrible!) and Pride & Prejudice (awesome!). Hopefully I’ll sleep away a good bit of the next leg of the journey. I remember it taking a LONG time to fly over Iran last year.


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