Good byes

The past couple of days have been given over to good byes. We are being picked up at 7:30 PM for our wild ride down the Mysore Highway to Bangalore airport.

But first, some “see you later, and probably back here when I do” partings.

We had lunch at Sandhya’s with Susan. Sandhya wins the best cook in Mysore title, as far as Anna and I are concerned. I ordered her cookbook and it should be waiting for me at home when we get back.

On Sandhya’s wall, there’s the image that Anna fondly calls “Buff Hanuman.”

We demolished our lunch. YUM! The curried tomatoes will be the food I miss most.

Susan and the curd pot in romantic lighting. πŸ™‚

Anna and I also spent some time hanging out (okay, drinking evening cocktails!) in the garden at Anokhi Garden.

And of course I have to include a picture of Juanita. She joined us each evening as we sat outside.

We had lunch with Tova and Angie at The Green Hotel.

And we said good bye to Appu.

If you’re in Mysore and need a ride somewhere, give him a call at 9900302645. He’s a knowledgeable guide and a really nice guy.

In the evening, Anna and I took a walk over to Edelweiss, the Austrian cafe run by Indians. I looked at, but did not purchase, a piece of chocolate cake. I had a piece of cake while we were here (at the Italian cafe run by Indians) and it was undoubtedly the oldest cake I have ever eaten.

When we were at Sandhya’s, she had a couple of fellows who were starting a new company and sharing samples of baked goods. YUMMY baked goods. We tried some and purchased a brownie and a piece of rum cake. Terrific stuff. They also gave us a flyer about their wares. This is the part that explains something about Indian baked goods:

Our entire line of home made desserts are baked fresh with 100% all natural ingredients and no preservatives, so eat them quickly! Our brownies will stay fresh unrefrigerated for 30 days, refrigerated for 3 months.

Say what? And I suppose it’s also worth noting here that I haven’t seen any Saran Wrap in the past month. So I have no idea how this works.

On our way home from Edelweiss, the streets were very busy with traffic (no stop signs or lights in any of the intersections we crossed). Yes, we’ve sussed out how the driving works around here, but the crossing the street thing is very complicated and daunting. But we have a solution: we wait for an Indian person to cross the road and just follow along. I almost feel like I could drive here, but being a street-crossing pedestrian is still too great a challenge.

So here we are: our last day. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m sad, or if I’m okay, and I just feel fine.

This morning was my last class — a led class — and I wondered if I’d feel emotional. Nope. Just happy: to be here and to be going home.

And then I walked back up the street toward home and met up with my favorite street dog. He lives down the block from where we’re staying, and he joins me each morning for a few blocks as I walk to and from the shala. He stands up on his hind legs for a pat on the head and then trots along beside me for a while.

Here he is, in bad pictures, because I was balancing my yoga mat and blanket in one hand and trying to take a picture with the other.

As he was jumping up and I was patting him and taking his picture, one of the rather tattered old men who walk on the street in the morning chuckled as he came toward us. He said something that I couldn’t quite make out, and then I realized that what he was saying was, “He’s good.”

I looked up and the man was beaming at me and nodding. “He’s good. He’s good.”

“Yes,” I said. “He’s good.”

And that’s when I teared up.


10 thoughts on “Good byes

  1. and so. in the are just like me..the dogs do it to me Every.Single.Time.
    we are so alike in that manner~
    you will also have another book coming your way once you return home, just a little something that i thought you might treasure ❀
    safe journey back to your loved ones eagerly awaiting your return~ and Much Love.

  2. Aw…
    I can’t imagine this place without all the dogs! It would seem so empty!!

    Darn it, I didn’t send you the photos of you both practicing your ‘contented look’ underneath buff hanuman in time for them to make this blog. I will do that though.

    I hope we do meet again back here πŸ™‚

    Safe travels! Xo

  3. Lovely photo of Susan.

    The Dogs in Mysore are certainly better behaved and less scary than dogs in other parts of India.

    Your time has gone so fast in Mysore, I have loved reading your posts, thanks for the stories and great photos.

    Wishing you a safe journey home

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey. Never thought I would read the words “curd pot in romantic lighting” but that’s a lovely picture of Susan. Safe travels!

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