Walking, shopping, Wild Kingdom

After practice, which has been good, despite the fact that I am 100% desert-dweller and hypersensitive to humidity, it’s fun to have a look around Mysore.

Here’s a cow walking up the hill toward Angie’s place. Can you see his little friend?

It looks like a tiny heron. We’re going to take a walk by the lake this weekend — I’m imagining that’s where these birds live.

Scenes from Angie’s rooftop. Which you get to via a steep outside staircase. The kind I tend to see in my nightmares. Still, once you’re up here, it’s pretty beautiful.

So Anna, Susan, Angie and I did some shopping for silk shawls and bags and pants and skirts. Anna found lots of things that she liked. No surprise!

People run businesses out of their houses. Restaurants, clothing shops — you go up to the house and through the gate and it’s something you have to get used to, because — well, for me, anyhow — it feels intrusive to go walking into someone’s home. Plus you’re always kinda wondering if you’re walking into the right house. Businesses, if they have signs outside at all, have tiny signs with just the name of the place. No hours of business posted. So you peek in and ask if they are open.

After shopping, we stopped at the coconut stand for coconuts. And a little people (and animal!) watching.

My new friend.

This picture’s for you, Lynne!

This fellow has a halter, as many of the cows do, but they are not tethered to anything, so they can wander around at will. It seems like most of them keep to their neighborhoods. I see the same cows in different parts of the immediate neighborhood. Every so often you’ll see a person driving a cow back “home” — I guess they’re only allowed to wander so far.


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