Scared by Sharath

At the end of practice, we do backbends. Three of them, and then you come up to standing. Then you drop back to the floor in a backbend and come back up three times.

This morning, I stood up from the first set of backbends and Sharath was standing in front of me. Below is a picture of Anna reenacting what Sharath did.

“Duck feet,” he said, and laughed. (It appears, if this photo is any indication, that Anna is more stern about this infraction than Sharath is.)

“Do three,” he said, meaning the three drop backs. I did them, but I was pretty shaky coming back up to standing on the last one.

“Inhale, exhale,” he said, reminding me to regulate my breath more effectively.

“It’s scary when you’re here,” I said.

“That is why I come here,” he said. “To scare you.” Then he chuckled.

Then we did the last backbend, where you go back and the teacher holds your hips for balance and you walk your hands in as close as you can to your heels.

“Walk, walk,” he said. Then he said, “Crawl, crawl.” The crawling part is when you’ve walked your hands as close to your heels as you can and then you crawl your fingers like desperate inchworms to get a tiny bit closer. My hand bumped up against his foot. “My foot,” he said. “Not yours.” A little joke.

“Monday you catch,” he said — suggesting I can look forward to touching my heels. Of course, Monday is a moon day (no practice), so perhaps that is another little joke.


10 thoughts on “Scared by Sharath

  1. Ha! Wish you’d told me this today. When i stood up today I was shocked to find him on my mat an inch from my face. I stumbled forward onto him. He chuckled and didn’t move. I fell on the next two because I didn’t want to slam into him. He smiled.
    I said, “I’m so nervous now.” He said (all innocent like), “I am just standing.”

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