Edelweiss, MyStore, Nilgiri Market

After Anna’s sad banana dinner, I felt I had to make it up to her by bringing her somewhere where she could get some meat for lunch. So we went to Edelweiss — an Austrian cafe run by Indians in Mysore.

The cafe was a little ways away, so Anna and I took a rickshaw ride. Rickshaws are three wheeled conveyances that seem to be scooters with a shell welded onto it for passengers.

We showed the driver our map and he said he knew how to get there and off we went. (Click on the picture below to get a video clip of our ride.)

Then he stopped to have a conversation with another driver and I heard the word Edelweiss and the street name. Apparently when he said he knew how to get there, he meant he would know how to get there once he asked for directions from another driver.

Off we went again, through winding streets, into unfamiliar territory. Sure enough, though, he dropped us off right in front of Edelweiss. Cab ride: 30 rupees.

I’d have been suspicious about an Austrian cafe in Mysore, except there were actually two Austrians (or Germans — sorry, I can’t distinguish) having lunch there, and the woman made a point of telling us that the food was very good as they were leaving.

Anna had chicken and French fries and lime soda. I had the veggie burger and wedge potatoes and lime juice. And it was yummy.

Look how much happier she is than during the banana dinner.

We then grabbed a rickshaw and asked the driver to bring us to Nilgiri market, because I REALLY wanted some peanut butter for peanut butter fingers (Joey Tribianni reference!). He said he knew how to get there and that it would be 30 rupees. That sounded right — 30 rupees out and 30 rupees back to our neighborhood.

Except we ended up at a market called MyStore. Hmmm. We had no idea where we were. Still, we’d been needing some bandaids for flip flop blisters, so decided to check the place out. While we browsed, a young girl came over to help us. She was probably 18 or so, and very shy, but she wanted to interact with us. She helped us find the bandaids, then brought us to the cash register. There was a long line on the only register that was open, but she waved us over to another register and called a woman to come ring up our purchase. I’m not exactly sure why, but the cashier, our helpful friend, and yet another worker then proceeded to open the package of bandaids, count them, then put them all back into the package.

We paid for the band aids and found another rickshaw stand. I shared my map of where we wanted to go, and the driver said he knew how to get there. We hopped in and then he called over a friend so they could discuss our destination. Then the driver turned to me and said, “Fifty.”

Fifty rupees. That sounded right: we’d driven 60 rupees away from home and now it was going to cost 50 to get back. (50 rupees is about a dollar.) I felt hopeful that we were heading in the right direction.

Sure enough, he got us right back to the little market street we go to for fruit.


11 thoughts on “Edelweiss, MyStore, Nilgiri Market

  1. Im with Anna, I used to go to Edelweiss to get my meat hit, love the Wedgies.
    If you want peanut butter look out for the guy who sells bread and peanut butter outside the Shala some mornings, he usually sits in front of the Coconut man, another seller is Meena at Silver Nest.

    When coming back to “home” it’s best to ask the Rickshaw drivers to go to the Coconut Stand, most seem to know that.

    • Thanks for the intel re: peanut butter, Kevin. And about the coconut stand as a good landmark for rickshaw drivers. I hear you’re doing a presentation about Mysore for your travel club. If you’re using PowerPoint, I would love to see the deck.

      • Hi Karen,

        How do you know about the Mysore talk I’m doing Saturday? I am using PowerPoint but it’s a very big file, too big to email so not sure how you could see it, though you are very welcome. It’s actually the first of three talks I have been asked to give on Mysore, I am doing one in Chester in July and Guildford in December

      • A little birdie named Susan might have mentioned it… Not that I wouldn’t have kind of imagined it, anyhow. Don’t you usually present on all of your trips? I’ll look into file-sharing options when I get back to the US, Kevin.

      • Oh that makes sense, think I did mention it to Susan.

        Depends on the trip as to whether I use it for a talk. This weeks is only 30mins so it’s been hard to decide what to include and not bore a non yoga audience πŸ™‚

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