Anna is such a trouper. Last night we went to Anu’s for “dinner.” I put dinner in quotation marks because yogis often don’t eat dinner. This is a habit I just can’t get on board with, but nevertheless, we found ourselves at Anu’s, and the dinner menu is all smoothies.

I ordered a banana smoothie with dates and almonds. Anna ordered a mango smoothie. Ganesh told us that it isn’t mango season, so there were no mango smoothies. Anna went with the same thing I had.

It arose in our dinner conversation that she does not like bananas. I always forget that! I had to laugh: I brought her Earl Grey tea and some bananas before I went out to practice in the morning, and now here she was eating banana smoothie. Which comes in a bowl with a spoon, by the way.

I told her to let me get a picture of her being sad eating her banana dinner.

That’s my bowl on the right. 


2 thoughts on “Bananarama

  1. Love the picture of Anna’s sad face….I would have had the same expression. Somehow a smoothie doesn’t equal dinner.

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