Green coconuts, Green Hotel

The green coconuts are delicious! There are coconut stands all over the place — where the purveyor will lop the top off a young coconut with a machete and drop a straw in, all for 12 rupees (22 cents).

This picture was taken in the Green Hotel, where we had tea yesterday afternoon. Getting there involved a lengthy rickshaw ride replete with missed directions, fruitless communication with the driver, stops to discuss our seemingly unintelligible destination request with other rickshaws drivers, and a short drive the wrong way down a busy one way street. Fun! Really — it was a priceless experience!

The Green Hotel is beautiful — both the building and the grounds. Upstairs, the walls are decorated with drawings and photographs of “exotic India” — just the sort of images you’d imagine colonizers sending home: yogis doing amazing tricks, turbaned men holding exotic animals. Now I get to do it using iPhone photos and Flickr photo stream…

Anna enjoying chai amid the decorative fronds at the Green Hotel.

Our lush surroundings.

Angie and Susan. One of the best things about Mysore? Getting to spend some time with yogi friends.

Speaking of which, yesterday was my first practice at the shala (yoga school). I was nervous and overly caffeinated — so pretty shaky at the beginning. All went well, though, and I had the pleasure of practicing between Robbie and Laruga — two other people I know from online but had never met in person. The internet makes for a very small world. How small? Well, upon meeting Robbie, he asked after Waylon and Daisy. I guess that’s just how strong subcultures work: both the Ashtanga subculture and the dog lover subculture.


5 thoughts on “Green coconuts, Green Hotel

  1. This made me teary. Anna is so beautiful! Please give Robbie, Angie, Susan and Tova big hugs for me. When do we get to see pictures of YOU??????

  2. Loving the pictures , nice to hear you seem to be settling in so quickly ( and to blogging about it too), Oh and glad to hear first practice went well. Loved the highway description in your previous post, was telling someone about it it yesterday and it seems there was something about Indian highways on Top Gear a UK car show that was just as you described.

  3. I loved Green Hotel, especially the Tea and cakes in the afternoon.

    Sounds like it’s super busy there now, it’s only really at Conference that you see how many people are actually there.

  4. Yes, when will we get a picture of the elusive blogger??? Maybe petting a monkey or with another huge snake. Glad you both are having a good time. The place sounds amazing and all the pictures make it seem like we are there minus the 34 hr trip 🙂

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